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Bio: In a family of 8 kids, I was the one peeking over the counter to see what Anyu was doing. That rolling pin stretching dough into papery sheets, or a poppy seed grinder spilling a mountain of black "dirt", or savory steam rising from a mystery pot of simmering goodness; I was hooked from the start! She didn't have to coerce much to solicit my help; mom worked magic in the kitchen and I was her apprentice. And ten hungry mouths meant the cooking never stopped! So with all this honest food experience early on, I was well prepared for The Culinary Institute of America where kitchen skills would be further honed. But life is crazy and we go the long way around with lots of detours. For me that meant life as an event florist, a workshop gushing with extravagant blooms, heady bouquets, floral towers, and standing on a cushion of chlorophyll ankle deep. All this with the soul of a foodie in constant need of expression! Culinary curious, food 'venturous, and forever looking to create crushing cuisine, I share my adventure with you! There's a world in gastronomic revolution challenging traditional palates with international tastes and alternate diets. And that kid peeking over the counter to see what's going on, she's still here! Thanks for reading...Be Curious!

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